Using regression random effects as outcomes or predictors in other models in BRMS

Sorry if this has been posted before, been googling to try and find an answer.

Let’s say I have a model with a random effect (in this case, a random slope for a signal detection theory model). In this case, each subject (indexed by subno) has their own slope for cond.

Now let’s say i want to expand this model so that I can test how other predictors (e.g. age) predict the random participant slope for cond.

Or, perhaps, i would like to use the random slope for cond as a predictor for some other variable y.

 # devtools::install_github("cran/sdtalt") (not on CRAN)
# Using example data set

dat_long = confcontr %>%
           mutate(cond = isold - 1/2)

m1 = brm(
  sayold  ~ 1 + cond + (0 + cond | subno),
  data   = dat_long,
  family = bernoulli(link = "probit"),
  warmup = 1000, 
  iter   = 3000, 
  chains = 4, 
  init  = "0", 
  cores  = 4,
  seed   = 11

What is commonly done, is to extract the samples from this model and calculate each participant’s mean/median cond score (pps_cond). Then, use these estimates in a second, seperate model (e.g., y ~ pps_cond) or (pps_cond ~ age).

However, this approach wouldn’t account for uncertainty in the pps_cond scores. Alternatively, I was thinking i could randomly draw pps_cond scores for each participant from the posterior, and use brms multiple imputation function to run lots of models across different random of pps_cond scores, but I’m sure there’s a more elegant solution.

I’ve been looking into brms latent variable syntax, and I’m a little confused how it could apply it in the above situation.