Updating or removing "Contributing new functions" wiki page

There is a wiki page on the stan-dev/stan repository titled Contributing New Functions to Stan. It is out of date and not in a relevant location any more, so I think it needs to be dramatically rewritten or deleted.

The Stan Math documentation features a getting started guide with an example function: Stan Math Library: Getting Started Guide
We recently added a new page to the stanc3 documentation on exposing a new function: exposing_new_functions (stanc.exposing_new_functions)

I think whatever information we wish to say about adding new functions lives in one of those two places, not the stan-dev/stan wiki.


We could simply rewrite it with the links you described for stan math and stanc3.
I think that deleting it is not a good idea. We want to include more new people in Stan development, leaving it in the stan-dev/stan wiki but pointing the user to the appropriate resources is a good compromise here.

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I’ve updated the page to link to those resources at the top with a warning that the rest of it is out of date. We can delete the rest if we want, but I left it for now.