Unable to get output from old Stan Optimizations

I believe the objects than contain old optimizations in my project have been corrupted. When I try to obtain their output I receive the following error:

Error in maybe_convert_draws_format(private$draws_, format) : 
  could not find function "maybe_convert_draws_format"

I have updated the libraries “rstanarm” and “cmdstanr” but that’s not the problem because when I make a new run, I have no problem getting back the results.

Where I think it went bad?
I have a backup of my files in One Drive. I loaded the environment from the Rdata file into a different computer and tried to get the results from the optimizations, I couldn’t. This is where I first received the error.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated!

One approach may be to downgrade libraries back to their old versions. I don’t know if R has any tools like Python for managing dependency environments. @bgoodri or @Jonah will probably know if there have been format changes here.

I hope this doesn’t sound snarky, but my advice going forward is:

  1. save output in human readable format, and
  2. save all code that generates results so you can rerun (this is a huge pain if you have to do it, and it may not work if the underlying systems have changed, but it’s better than nothing).
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