Twin models in stan // Using WAIC or PSIS in combination with openmx


I am wondering about:

  1. Has anyone created twin models in stan?
  2. Has anyone combined WAIC or PSIS with openmx?

Alle the best,

Welcome to the Stan forum!

I think you best change here is blavaan (Bayesian Latent Variable Analysis • blavaan), the R package that allows to use Stan to fit SEMs formulated in lavaan.
Here is a tutorial for how to do estimate twin models in lavaan: RPubs - Twin models in Lavaan

One potential roadblock is that blavaan could be a bit limited in the type outcome variables, but I am just seeing that it now also allows ordinal outcome variables: Ordinal Models in blavaan • blavaan

openMX does, to the best of my knowledge, not provide Bayesian parameter estimation, which one would need for WAIC or PSIS.

Cheers - Guido

Thank you, Guido!

I will definitely check out blavaan.

Cheers and see you Wednesday :)