problems, migration to seems to have problems detecting pull requests on GitHub now. They claim that it only happens on the “legacy” service which uses. uses a different interface and they encourage people to move to

I’ve made a request to authorize the app for the pystan- and httpstan-related repositories. Someone with greater privileges than I have on the stan-dev organization needs to authorize this. Would someone mind doing this? PyStan and Httpstan currently rely on travis to build macOS binary wheels.

(I do get the sense that the sharks are circling around travis-ci now that github offers its own free service. Azure also offers a competing service.)

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@serban-nicusor, @rok_cesnovar


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I dont have any permissions wrt to travis or CI. I think @jonah should have the access if Nic doesnt have it.

On the math/stan/cmdstan/stanc3 repos only stan is using travis currently and even that will be replaced by Jenkins soon (I think we are already covering everything with Jenkins).

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I’ve emailed travis support. They haven’t been much help.

Since other repos are still using travis, I’m reluctant to mess with things too much. (The problem does seem to be isolated to httpstan-wheels.)

@ahartikainen and I will keep working on this. It might not be too difficult to switch to GitHub Actions.

It’s authorized into GitHub now, is it working? If not let me know, maybe I can help.

Thanks. There’s one more step that travis-ci is asking for. Would you mind signing into (not and clicking on the “Sign up for the beta” button? It will not let me click on this because I’m not an Admin on the Stan org. I don’t think merely clicking on the “Sign up for the beta” button will disrupt any of the other projects using

You have successfully joined the beta!

Should be fine now