The schedule for the 2.31 release

The docs also need to be updated. The current doc on algebraic solvers lacks clarity – but I’d rather edit the docs only once the new solvers are in. I everything gets released together (docs, stanc3, stan-math)?

Yes, everything gets released together, but the doc deadline is basically the final release date (we don’t do a documentation feature freeze or release candidate, for obvious reasons).

So, if the stanc portion of the algebra solvers is reviewed and merged before the 7th, the doc can be written over the course of the release candidate window

Is the plan for the release candidates to be released today, or later this week? No rush, just planning on some CmdStanPy updates which need changes from the rc to run in CI

The plan is typically end-of-day Monday anywhere in the world, which is Tuesday in Europe. It also depends a bit on when @serban-nicusor has time.

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I think it’s best to do it tomorrow morning (EU) so it’s done and ready for testing when US wakes up.


Hey @rok_cesnovar @WardBrian are we all ready and is the release still scheduled for tomorrow? I have some time to do it in my afternoon so it’s ready for when US wakes up.

I had some last minute changes for log_prob which came up while writing the docs. I’d like if @rok_cesnovar could take a look at them Change log_prob to use standard output file by WardBrian · Pull Request #1130 · stan-dev/cmdstan · GitHub

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That was merged so I think we are good to go?

I think so yes. @serban-nicusor do it, whenever you have time. If it will look like you won’t be able to do it before midday tomorrow, we can also do it Monday, I don’t think that is a problem (right @WardBrian?). Would want to avoid doing a release on late Friday afternoon.


We decided with Nic to update the version numbers on all the repos today and then let all the tests pass over the weekend. Then release on Monday.


cmdstanr::install_cmdstan() is now installing 2.31. Could we have the release announcement with news in here and in the blog?