Syntax error in '/var/folders/q4/gvrdsnj94vl527nfhj25rxh40000gn/T/RtmpPAvJxS/model-15caa89dcc9a.stan', line 10, column 7 to column 8, parsing error:

Compiling Stan program…
Syntax error in ‘/var/folders/q4/gvrdsnj94vl527nfhj25rxh40000gn/T/RtmpPAvJxS/model-15caa89dcc9a.stan’, line 10, column 7 to column 8, parsing error:

 8:    real generation_time;
 9:    vector[N] X;
10:    int Y[N,K];
11:    int country[N];
12:    int Y_sum[N];

“;” expected after variable declaration.
make: *** [/var/folders/q4/gvrdsnj94vl527nfhj25rxh40000gn/T/RtmpPAvJxS/model-15caa89dcc9a.hpp] Error 1

Error: An error occured during compilation! See the message above for more information.

here is my code:

data {
int K;
int N;
int D;
int bin_size;
real generation_time;
vector[N] X;
int Y[N,K];
int country[N];
int Y_sum[N];

transformed data {
vector[D] Zeros;
real Max_date;
vector[N] X_norm;
Zeros = rep_vector(0,D);
Max_date = X[N];
for (n in 1:N) {
X_norm[n] = X[n] / Max_date;

parameters {
matrix[D,K-1] b0_raw;
matrix[D,K-1] b1_raw;
vector[K-1] b1_raw_mean;
vector<lower=0>[K-1] b1_raw_sigma;

transformed parameters {
matrix[D,K] b0;
matrix[D,K] b1;
matrix[N,K] mu;

b0 = append_col(Zeros, b0_raw);
b1 = append_col(Zeros, b1_raw);

for(k in 1:K) {
for(n in 1:N) {
mu[n,k] = b0[country[n],k] + b1[country[n],k] * X_norm[n];


model {
for (d in 1:D){
b1_raw[d,] ~ student_t(6,b1_raw_mean,b1_raw_sigma);

for (n in 1:N)
Y[n,] ~ multinomial_logit(mu[n,]');

generated quantities {
vector[K-1] growth_rate_mean;
matrix[D,K-1] growth_rate;
matrix[N,K] theta;
int Y_predict[N,K];

for(k in 1:(K-1)){
growth_rate_mean[k] = exp(((b1_raw_mean[k] / Max_date) / bin_size) * generation_time);

for(k in 1:(K-1)){
for(d in 1:D){
growth_rate[d,k] = exp(((b1_raw[d,k] / Max_date) / bin_size) * generation_time);

for(n in 1:N){
theta[n,] = softmax(mu[n,]‘)’;
Y_predict[n,] = multinomial_rng(softmax(mu[n,]'),Y_sum[n]);



Stan no longer supports the declaration of integers arrays as you defined it here.

This should be array[N,K] int Y and similarly for the remainder of the the integer array declarations

Dear @Garren_Hermanus,
Thanks for your help, I am just starting to learn. could you help me check my code, I especially want this code to run immediately.