Standalone use of ode integrator in R

Dear all,
I’m using rstantools to create a package including ODEs. And I’d like to use the ode integrator in an R function (named solve_odeTKTD). So, a standalone use of the functions created by expose_stan_functions("exec/ode_integrator.stan") but not in my session (what works perfectly), in the package I’m developing.

I saw this topic Saving the dso from expose_stan_functions that helped me for some steps. But maybe there is something simpler in the tools provided by rstantools since the function seems already in the models.hpp.

There isn’t much in rstantools for this. Basically, you need to call expose_stan_functions once or maybe just stan_model to generate the C++ file and then copy that file into the src/ directory of your package. Then, do a lot of editing to get it to work like a normal R package that relies on Rcpp.

Thank you Ben. I’ll focus on those functions. I begin to understand how they work.