Stancon Helsinki Submission Deadline?

I wasn’t sure who’s in charge of the StanCon Helsinki Contributed Talk submissions, but I was wondering: is the deadline still April 16 or will there be an extension like last time? I’m just wondering because I’m trying to put together a case study on some ODE stuff I’ve been working on and I might be working it pretty close to the deadline.

I’m handling the processing of submissions again but @avehtari is the lead organizer for the Helsinki conference so I will defer to him on the deadline question. Aki, what do you think?

We’ll start processing submissions on April 16 so that we can get decisions early for people to make travel plans, but since StanCon is still a small conference we probably can have also some flexibility.

@avehtari Sounds good.

@arya So I guess if you can finish by the deadline that’s preferred obviously, but if that’s not doable then we won’t hold it against you if it’s a bit late. We’d much rather get a late submission than no submission!