Stanc and includes

Am I correct that the doc in stan-dev/stan:src/stan/command/stanc_helper.hpp hasn’t been updated to include help information on how to pass paths for include files? I wanted to verify before creating an issue.

Also there are way too many dangling TODOs in the code that was merged into develop – don’t we have policies on not leaving those in merged code?

Yes, that’s right—I didn’t update stanc_helper.hpp, so go ahead and create an issue. But the interface for includes may be changing to deal with @ariddell’s quite reasonable request to not build-in a file-system dependency.

The only policy enforced by cpplint is that they have to be of the form

TODO(<developer-name>): <task-description>
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From all of the TODOs it just looks like the user-defined functions PR wasn’t particularly complete. Especially on the doc.

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