Stan: The Gathering, May, 13, 2021, 11 am EST

Sorry for the late post on this guys but here you go

Hangouts Link: 3

Instructions: Ask to attend in the hangouts interface and someone should let you in in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. Email breck @ if you have problems or want to attend the physical meeting in New York City when they start again.

Please add your agenda items in replies.

Some fragmentary notes from today:

@breckbaldwin : CZI proposal nearly done, resloved licenseing around multiple contributions to source code with NumFOCUS lawyer. Will post to discourse.

@rok_cesnovar : prepping for the release (checking open projects, preparing release notes, RC blurbs, etc.), reviewing Steve’s varmat branch, miscelaneous minor things


  • Some prep work on practical uses of SBC for model development/debugging with @hyunji.moon 's SBC package.
  • Asked if we don’t want to have a separate jacobian += statement (optimization turns off Jacobian), but also for documenting. I promised to follow-up on Discourse se here’s the thread: Allow users to declare terms as Jacobian