Stan maintenance contracting work sometimes available

Hi everyone,

Just writing to let you all know that we are starting to get money and time to manage paid contracting jobs to try to get a handle on some of our technical debt - especially tasks we haven’t had volunteers for. Any or all of the skills could be valuable:

  • C++ software engineering
  • C++ build tools, compilers, and toolchains
  • Creating installers or packages of any kind (especially cross-platform)
  • Windows development
  • Declarative Jenkins pipelines
  • AWS
  • OCaml / opam packaging

If you’d like to be considered for such work when it arises, please email me for now (first name dot last name at gmail) with some material you think demonstrates your suitability, for example a resume or a code sample, though there are no formal requirements. If you have specific Stan maintenance projects to propose that’s great too! This is all a function of the time we have to manage folks, ability to split out discrete tasks that need doing, perceived task urgency, and, of course, the money we want to set aside for various kinds of technical debt. I or someone else will be in touch if we find a good match.

Thanks all!