Stan just broke after upgrade to R 4.0.2 under windows 10 required reinstallation - Help needed

I have just upgraded R to 4.0.2 (from 3.*). As a result I had to reinstall rstan (and rtools).
As far as I can see, I did nothing unusual or out of the ordinary (after checking here, i installed rstan from source). However now Stan does not work. when I try to run a simple script that previously worked, it says:

G__˜.EXE: error: Model: No such file or directory

twice, then it generates an enormous amount of output (literally 1000s of lines) which may or may not contain error messages, then fails with a pair of error messages roughly as follows:

Fehler in sink(type = “output”) : ungültige Verbindung
[Fehler = Error; ungültige Verbindung = invalid binding/connetion]

Anybody any idea what is going on here, and how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance,

Sean Matthews

Sorry you’re getting an error. Does this post help?

May do, but it will be tomorrow morning (almost midnight here) before I can take a look.
Shall report back then.

But thanks, it certainly looks as if it could be useful.

I promised to report results on this, but it will take a bit longer. I’m under time pressure at the moment, and I found a version of Stan/Rstan 2.18 on another computer, I’ll be using that for the moment.

But I’ll get back as soon as possible.

Ok thanks no problem. Glad you have a working version for now.