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Hi all,

I noticed that the Stan documentation page only mentioned two specialised field guides, on education research and ecology. I feel it could be useful, both for the short and long term, to have one for epidemiology. I took the liberty of following @martinmodrak advice here and created this page, on the model of the Stan for Ecology page. Do you think it could be useful, and perhaps added to the documentation page?

If so, please tell me if you’d like to see some things added to the page, or if I missed some epidemiology articles using Stan.

Note that I’m not an epidemiologist, so I’d be more than happy to add more owners to the repo!




This looks great, thanks @LeoGrin! We definitely want more of these field guides like the one @vianeylb made for ecology.

Like you said, it would be great if we could get some epidemiologists to help with this page, but even as is it seems worth including.

@LeoGrin do you want to make a PR to the Stan website repo to add a link to this with the other field guides? If not I can add it for you.


How cool! :)

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Thanks @jonah, I’ve just made a PR.

Thanks! Just merged it.

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