Stan documentation's R code

I wanted to check how some plots were done in R in Stan documentation, but I found this:

After running this for enough iterations so that the effective sample
size is larger than M, then thinning to M draws (here M = 999),
the ranks are computed and binned, and then plotted.

knitr::include_graphics("./img/sbc-normal-normal.png", auto_pdf = TRUE)

Where can I find the code that generates that png? maybe @mitzimorris knows?

the docs repos don’t include the R code used to generate graphics, only the relevant png’s.
this is because including the source code and using it to regenerate graphics would
greatly increase the maintenance burden on the docs as well as the build time.
also, such code is probably not stellar example code.

if you want to figure out who did what, github can give you a hint - Bob Carpenter added the initial version of the SBC chapter and is probably responsible for that particular graph.

Thanks! I imagined the reason, but IMHO it would be a good idea if the code that generates stuff is available even if it’s not used dynamically. I thought it could be stored somewhere in the Stan’s github

In any case, @Bob_Carpenter, can I have the code, please?

ehem, trying again with @Bob_Carpenter in case you overlooked it.