Stan command line interface - new proposal

preliminary proposal for a new command line interface here:

I think this would make a lot of things easier going forward - feedback welcome!



Just thinking out loud after reading your proposal. I do much of this with a bash script, where I’ve found it helpful to have compilation and sampling output go to a specified directory and have the option to run multiple chains on multiple cores.


In the unlikely event that this is possible, it would be lovely if there was a way to run this in parallel over a specified number of cores.

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Neat! Are you going to open it as a PR in design docs?

do you think it’s it ready as is?
happy to open PR and we can continue this discussion there.

regarding requires to running multiple chains, etc.

initial proposal was to create a minimal program which had a pretty much 1-1 mapping to functions in the services layer. however people want more from the command line interface - they pretty much want all the functionality cooked into the CmdStanX interfaces - (CmdStanPy and CmdStanR) - starting with a request to add a “compile” option. I think these are good and reasonable requests - the goal here is:

  • a clean interface between the services layer and this wrapper that makes it easy to add new services
  • an easy-to-use command line tool with a conventional syntax.
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Is there a possibility for config file so user don’t need to handle these “manually”?

I understand the appeal of this, but it needs to be in line with stated goal 2 -