Stan 2.19 before StanCon Helsinki?

This came up but it didn’t seem like it was resolved. Is anyone pushing for 2.19 before StanCon? What needs to happen before 2.19?

@bgoodri suggested there were things people wanted to get out before StanCon, but I’m not sure what those were other than GPU support.

I think it would have to be just CmdStan 2.19, as there won’t be time to do two CRAN releases. I suppose we could skip RStan 2.18 and go straight to 2.19 if CRAN would allow that.

I can do 2.18 if I modify StanHeaders to change Warning: to Info:. I think that is fine, but if we want to do 2.19 this week, CRAN does not care about numbering as long as they ascend.

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The pr to change warning to info is up in stan. A nice plus of a 2.19 is that now the makefiles actually work for mpi…those are not working ok in 2.18 for mpi and the needed prs to fix it are in now.

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To do a 2.19, we need to fix the accumulator thing in Math

(and quickly because it will take CRAN about a week to test RStan)

Given that we’re ~8 days away from StanCon (and that it takes 7 to got through CRAN), it sounds like we probably aren’t going to do a 2.19 before StanCon :P

That is reasonable, but we can’t do RStan 2.18 before StanCon when it is breaking things on CRAN.