SGB 2020 General Updates

SGB Update — August 2020

  • The SGB continue working on items from July (Breck’s group proposal & website redevelopment).
  • First virtual StanCon took place on August 13th
  • The SGB incorporated all the feedback and re-wrote the voting proposal. The next step is to trial the voting mechanism.
  • The website redevelopment received further feedback and the SGB is making sure these items are communicated to potential contractors.
  • Last year elections for the SGB were held in November and after receiving external advice, the SGB is currently discussing options for staggered terms to have some form of continuity to a) continue with ongoing projects, b) reduce the learning curve and time of acquiring credentials to key documents
  • The SGB incorporated feedback on the discussion on how to recognize contributions to Stan. This conversation is parallel to the voting structure as it allows us to better understand how to structure who can vote on what.