Running single model integration test

These are instructions from @syclik on how to test a single model (.stan file) for compilability with a main() within stan-dev/stan.

Let’s say you wanted to test this Stan file: src/test/test-models/good/map_rect.stan

If you type:

> make src/test/test-models/good/map_rect.hpp-test

then it’ll do a number of things (in this order):

  1. build test/test-models/stanc — it’s a stripped down version of the compiler

  2. generate the C++: it goes from map_rect.stan to map_rect.hpp

  3. the *-test target attempts to compile it by including it into a file with a main(). That file with the main() is generated like this:

	@mkdir -p test
	@touch $@
	@echo "int main() {" >> $@
	@echo "  stan::io::var_context *data = NULL;" >> $@
	@echo "  stan_model model(*data);" >> $@
	@echo >> $@
	@echo "  std::vector<stan::math::var> params;" >> $@
	@echo "  std::vector<double> x_r;" >> $@
	@echo "  std::vector<int> x_i;" >> $@
	@echo >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<false, false>(params, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<false, true>(params, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<true, false>(params, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<true, true>(params, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<false, false>(x_r, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<false, true>(x_r, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<true, false>(x_r, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo "  model.log_prob<true, true>(x_r, x_i);" >> $@
	@echo >> $@
	@echo "  return 0;" >> $@
	@echo "}" >> $@
	@echo >> $@

Thanks, @syclik.

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No prob. Sorry it was so hard to find out how to do that. I’m sure it was on the dev list years ago, but that’s not a reasonable request (asking devs to comb through discussions). Ideally, where should this doc live? Wiki? Or in the make help target?

I looked in the make help target. Given that @seantalts is planning on replacing make with CMake, I didn’t want to suggest more issues having to do with make.

Sounds like we should put it there, then.

Another project I’m working on has been using a documentation folder within the github repo for developer documentation. If you use Markdown it’s pretty readable on the command line and great on github and it keeps code + doc in one place. I think it might work well for Stan too. I’m not sure why we struggle with wiki’s and discussions for this stuff.

Can you point me to that project? I’ve been looking for good examples, but haven’t found any that stand out.

Sorry, it’s a private repo :/