RStan 2.30

Hi all,
I am using RStan and would like to use the function inv_inc_beta. According to 3.13 Combinatorial functions | Stan Functions Reference, this function is only available since Version 2.30. Is this version already available for RStan and how can I download it?

This should get you the latest version of rstan:

remove.packages(c("rstan", "StanHeaders"))
remotes::install_git("", subdir = "StanHeaders", ref = "experimental") 
remotes::install_git("", subdir = "rstan/rstan", ref = "experimental")
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Perfect, thanks, that worked!

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I have the following error

Error: Failed to install ‘unknown package’ from Git:
Git does not seem to be installed on your system.

Is there any solution to this error? I use R4.2.2 win 64

do you have Git installed on your Windows machine? Git - Downloading Package

Thank you for your reminder.
I install Git now, but It stops here,

“Downloading git repo GitHub - stan-dev/rstan: RStan, the R interface to Stan
“C:\PROGRA~1\Git\cmd\git.exe” clone --depth 1 --no-hardlinks GitHub - stan-dev/rstan: RStan, the R interface to Stan C:\Users\111\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpcnDzWU\file20941f6318ca
“C:\PROGRA~1\Git\cmd\git.exe” fetch origin experimental”

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