Researcher Looking for an oportunity of secondment

Hello everybody,

I am new at Stan (and discourse for that matter) and I am at the moment preparing a grant proposal to create Stan models for biopharmaceutical production processes. I am a biochemical engineer and I don’t have a very strong background in statistics or mathematics, but I managed to learn Bayesian inference using rJAGS. It seems to me that Stan is ideal for pharmaceutical production because of the ODE solver functionality.

I would like to know if there is anyone experienced in this topic who would be willing to host me for a secondment during a couple of weeks towards the end of 2021 to help me get the best out of the Stan package. If I get the grant, the funding will come from the European Union and I will be doing the experimental and modeling work in Ireland.

For the grant application stage, the only thing I need is a letter of support associated with a solid institution.

I am very excited to learn everything that there is to learn about Stan and anyone willing to mentor me will get a collaboration with a very motivated researcher.

Thank you very much for your time.