Research software engineering (with ML/AI/stat focus) permanent position at Aalto University, Finland


To a permanent, full-time position.

Are you more of a programmer than your researcher colleagues? Are you more of a researcher than commercial developers? Do you fit in both, but have a home in neither? Be a Research Software Engineer with us and find your home. If you are looking for a career path which combines the interesting parts of both fields, this is a good choice.

Aalto Scientific Computing is an elite “special forces” unit of Research IT, providing high-performance computing hardware, management, research support, teaching, and training. Our team consists of a core of PhD staff working with top researchers throughout the university. Our services are used by every school at Aalto University and known throughout Finland and the Nordics. All our work is open-source by default and we take an active part in worldwide projects.

In this position, you will:

  • Provide software development and consulting as a service, depending on demand from research groups.

  • Provide one-on-one research support from a software, programming, Linux, data, and infrastructure perspective: short-term projects helping researchers with specific tasks, so that the researchers gain competence to work independently.

  • As needed and depending on interest, teaching and other research infrastructure support.

  • Continually learn new skills as part of our team.

Primary qualifications : There are two main tracks, and candidates of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply – every candidate will be evaluated according to their own unique experiences.

  • PhD degree with research experience in some computational field and much knowledge of practical computing strategies for research, or
  • Software developer or computational scientist with a strong software/open source/Linux background, scientific computing experience, and some experience in research. Masters degree or similar experience.

This particular call emphasizes the ability to work in machine learning and AI environments . The ideal candidate will be working closely with machine learning researchers, and thus a background in machine learning is highly desirable.

Important skills:

  • Ability to tackle any problem with a researcher’s mindset and a developer’s passion for technology.

  • Experience or knowledge of the principles of open source software, open science, and software development tools such as version control.

  • Please see For RSE candidates and community — Aalto scientific computing for more information on what kind of skills we value - or more precisely what you are likely to learn.

What we offer :

  • You will join the dynamic Aalto Scientific Computing team, where you will learn from some of the best research IT specialists in Finland.

  • Co-working within top-quality research groups, getting experience in a wide variety of fields and developing an extensive network of scientific contacts. This includes contacts to the Aalto startup scene and community.

  • A way to be close to the research process while focusing on interesting computational problems and not the publication process.

  • Our program will offer you a chance to improve your software skills – you are expected to engage in plenty of professional development.

  • Open Source is our expectation. All (or most) of your code may be open source and may be added to your public CV, depending on the needs of researchers.

Salary will be according to experience, for a recently graduated PhD similar to a postdoc salary. Work hours are flexible, but are expected to sync with the audience being served. Primary workplace is Otaniemi, Espoo (Helsinki region), Finland. Aalto University has a hybrid work policy which allows 60% remote work possibility, and our team takes good advantage of this flexibility.

See how to apply at


Wow, this would be a dream job for me! And I think I would fit pretty well! :D

Unfortunately I missed this one, do you have any suggestions of similar positions or where to look for them? I’ve already checked Aalto’s open positions but to no luck…

Thanks for your help in advance!

I’ve seen similar job postings (other universities) in Twitter and Mastodon, and e.g. has many similar positions advertised. I’ll post here when there are new positions at Aalto

Thanks a lot for the references!

I’m only starting my search in this area thus still building my map of where to even look. 😅

For general research software engineering (RSE) vacancies, the Society of Research Software Engineering vacancies page and #jobs channel on the ukrse Slack workspace are both regularly updated with new opportunities (UK focused but non-UK posts are advertised quite regularly too). A number of RSE groups also now have ‘research data scientist’ specialists which have a statistics / data science / machine learning focus somewhat similar to the the Aalto position described above.

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Thanks a lot, @matt-graham !

Flatiron Institute’s Scientific Compute Core has the same mission. I don’t see any job ads now, but if they show up, they’d be here:

I’d also think that all the new scientific software centers funded by Schmidt Futures will be hiring:

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Thanks, @Bob_Carpenter ! Actually I was prompted by your post on the Andrew Gelman’s blog and they pointed me to this forum. :)

As I mentioned there I unfortunately can’t apply for these positions as I’m primarily looking for a remote job.