Repository for custom families for brms

I don’t know if this repo have been advertised here, but in case it hasn’t: paul-buerkner/custom-brms-families: R scripts for custom brms families (

This repositiory contains R scripts for custom brms families that users have written and want to share with the community. To contribute your custom family, make a pull request to this repository and provide a single R script (named after the family) that contains the custom family itself as well as all other relevant code and documentation required for others to use this family.


I opened an issue to see if you all want to merge powers into the GitHub - spinkney/helpful_stan_functions. It would only require another directory called brms or something.

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I think that is a good idea!

I was actually thinking about this recently: wouldn’t it make sense to turn this repo into a package? E.g as there is ggforce there could be brmsforce for more experimental/advanced functionality for brms - primarily custom families.

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If the Stan code lives in my repo then the R and brms code could be spun off into its own package and submodule my repo which houses the Stan code.

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That could be interesting indeed as well.