Reorganized top-level Stan wiki page

I reorganized the landing page for the stan-dev/stan

You can see there is some redundancy (logging, process)
and some pages like frequently encountered problems that never
got filled out. Please feel free (nay, encouraged) to
remove dead pages or consolidate redundant ones.

This should be helpful to new developers, but what we really
need are:

  • labels on issues that indicate a beginner project

  • a more lightweight overview of process for new developers

  • Bob

Too bad GitHub’s down and nobody can look at it.
Though it looks like they’re hobbling back online
after the DDoS attack.

Our web site didn’t go down along with Git, which
surprised me.

  • Bob

As it was DDOS attack against the nameserver, you may have been able to reach Stan website if the address was cached locally.