Release of CmdStan 2.34.0

We are very happy to announce that CmdStan 2.34.0 is out!

This new release brings several improvements to the headline features of the last release – tuple types and the Pathfinder algorithm, new distributions, and other improvements.

For details, see the blog post: Release of CmdStan 2.34 – The Stan Blog


@rok_cesnovar In the release notes it seems to suggest to use adaptation save_metric=1 but in trying it that fails. Adding just save_metric=1 after the adapt key seems to work.

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A minor patch release (2.34.1) was released this morning to fix a few issues that came up in this release:

  • Compilation with the latest gcc resulted in complaints about missing headers
  • CmdStan had an indexing error which could cause programs to crash in certain situations
  • The probability distributions defined over cholesky matrices were not properly checking their inputs

And a few other changes. Thanks to all who reported these issues!


Thanks @WardBrian and the Stan team!