Release notes for Stan 2.25?

Where are the notes for Stan version releases? What’s new/fixed in 2.25?


2.25 has not been released yet. A release candidate was built late last night US time:
The Pre-release tag and the -rc1 suffix mark that this is not an official release, just a candidate for now.

A post with a summary of new features and bugfixes in the release candidate will be up shortly. Proper release notes with all the detailed changes will be posted once the official 2.25 is released, which will be on Tuesday if everything goes according to plan.




install_cmdstan(release_url = "", cores = 4)

works very nicely on my OS X.


Any chance that there could be one week from the announcement of the release candidate to the actual release? Justification for this is that it would give people a few days of time to test it before the release. I can help advertising as soon as there is a post with a summary of new features.

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Sure, seems reasonable to me. Will ask the rest of the devs on the Github issue, bit I am guessing no one will mind two more days of peace and quiet :) Edit: done

Will post the annoucement tomorrow morning CET if @stevebronder wont have time to do it tonight.

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Hey yes I’ll send it over to you tonight!

Will there be improvements in the estimation speed?