Question about hypothesis function in brms

Hi I need help using the hypothesis function in brms. Please don’t laugh - I am really trying despite my limited knowledge of statistics.

Let’s say I am trying to see who, males or females, can throw a ball further. Every person throws a ball 10 times.

model<- brm(throw_length ~ gender + (1|id), data=df1)

Now, I have my results and it seems males throw further than females. In the output I can only see the line of results for Males as genderMale.

How can I test this with the hypothesis function - that males throw further than males?

hypothesis( model, “genderMale > ???”)

Thanks - any help will be greatly appreciated.

You just need to test “genderMale > 0” because the distance thrown by females is given by the intercept; the distance thrown by males is given by the intercept + the coefficient for genderMale.

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Thank you so much for your help.