Proper label for legend title "abs(x<0.1"

Dear all,

In the following plot I am using the package emmeans to make pairwise comparisons based on a Bayesian model. However, I am concerned about whether my usage of the legend title for fill is correct/appropriate "abs(β<0.1)". Is the usage of β correct here? In the original package (ggdist), this is written as abs(x) < 0.1. I’m not happy with this x notation and would like to make more intuitive. So could please advise whether or not this legend title is correct with β? If not, would you mind suggesting a better label for it?
The response variable in the model was standardised - just in case it matters.

Many thanks in advance for your time!

Hi, @dallak. Does this question relate to Stan somehow? Neither emmeans nor ggdist are Stan packages.