Problems installing PyStan 3 on macOS Mojave (10.14)?

Are people using macOS 10.14 (released in 2018) able to install the newest version of httpstan (which PyStan 3 depends on)?

The wheel on PyPI has a tag macosx_10_15_x86_64, which makes me think it may not work on macOS 10.14.

I’d like to confirm this is the case. If it is, we would need to update the documentation.


We need to install it from source, though I am facing issues while from installing there as well.

# Build shared libraries and generate code
python3 -m pip install poetry

# Build the httpstan wheel
python3 -m poetry build

# Install the wheel
python3 -m pip install dist/*.whl

The issue is basically the ‘make’ command does not find the makefile.

We improved the installation instructions, see Installation — httpstan 4.8.2 documentation

See if that works for you? (The new instructions should address the make issue you encountered.)

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