Problem Loading Rstan in Windows 10 Home, R version 3.6.3

Short summary of the problem
RStan doesn’t run after installing package and pkgbuild


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  • Operating System - Windows 10 Home; Version 1909; OS Build 18363.959
  • RStan Version - rstan_2.21.2
  • RTool Version - Rtools35
  • Output of `writeLines(readLines(file.path(Sys.getenv(“HOME”), “.R/Makevars”)))
    Error in file(con, “r”) : cannot open the connection
    In addition: Warning message:
    In file(con, “r”) :
    cannot open file ‘C:/Users/rapha/Documents/.R/Makevars’: No such file or directory
  • Output of devtools::session_info("rstan")
    Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘devtools’

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘rstan’ in .doLoadActions(where, attach):
error in load action .A.1 for package rstan: Rcpp::loadModule(module = “class_model_base”, what = TRUE, env = ns, : Unable to load module “class_model_base”: cannot allocate vector of size 16550.6 Gb
In addition: Warning messages:
1: package ‘rstan’ was built under R version 3.6.3
2: package ‘StanHeaders’ was built under R version 3.6.3
3: package ‘ggplot2’ was built under R version 3.6.3

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Never mind. I installed R 4.0.2 and Rtools40. It seems to work now.