Postdoctoral position spatial modelling with Stan (Landscape ecology in Canadian Prairie agroecosystems)

We have a two-year postdoctoral position to support our investigation of ecosystem service delivery in Canada’s Prairies. Our lab ( is animated by recent findings that land sharing practices in agricultural landscapes have the potential to improve both crop yields and conservation outcomes, representing a “win-win” for biodiversity and farmers. We are also part of a network of researchers assessing the status of biodiversity and services provided by arthropods and birds across this vast agricultural region.

As a postdoctoral scholar joining this team, you will be capable of applying your computational and analytics skills to several “big” spatial data sets that we have collected. These include precision agricultural yield data and an occurrence database for pollinators and other beneficial arthropods. Our group primarily uses Stan, and we are looking for a candidate who is capable of developing custom models for these data. A background in ecology or agriculture is not a requirement.**

Open until October 24, 2018.

Please see the full ad at:

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