Porting Math library to Rust

I’ve started a project to port some features of the Math lib to Rust. It’s not intended to be an identical port, but more like proof of concept to try some “rusty” things.



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What’s the motivation?

Do they give you a way to implement something like template-based autodiff?

Yes, one can do that using trait. Instead I use enum(rust’s sum type) and pattern matching to implement vari. One can do the same thing using boost::variant but IMO rust is ergonomic-wise easier.

Those variant types in Boost are a huge pain. Just about anything’s going to be easier to use. @seantalts’s plan is to move to a simpler s-expression kind of format where it’s just a string and we just match.

But that’s only in the parser. We don’t really use variant types in the math lib for anything.