PMF for predictions in ordered logistic model

Hello - I have a simple ordered logistic model and I’m predicting outcomes with the y_tilda below. I’d like to get the actual probability for each discrete outcome. When I plot the fit, I’m getting continuous density functions for the outcome. Results look great, but how do I get the PMF or actual discrete samples for the predictions y_tilda?

Thank you!!! -Jamie

code = '''
data {
  int<lower=2> K;                            // number of discrete outcomes
  int<lower=0> N;                            // samples
  int<lower=1> D;                             // data row dim
  int<lower=1> M;                             // number of predictions
  int<lower=1,upper=K> y[N];           // outcome
  row_vector[D] x[N];                  // data - record and last six for each boxer
  row_vector[D] xx[M];                  // data to predict on boxers
parameters {
  vector[D] beta;                     
  ordered[K-1] c;
model {
  for (n in 1:N)
    y[n] ~ ordered_logistic(x[n] * beta, c);
generated quantities {
  int<lower=1, upper=K> y_tilda[M];
  for (j in 1:M)
    y_tilda[j] = ordered_logistic_rng(xx[j] * beta, c);
stan_model = StanModel(model_code=code);

Please disregard… fit.export() is what I was looking for!!!

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Btw, for code blocks, use triple back ticks for fences (```) and single back ticks for inline code, e.g. `fit.export()` renders as fit.export().

gotcha… and will do. thank you!!

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