Plotting Interaction for Binomial GLMM Multi-Membership Model

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I am having trouble plotting interaction for my Binomial GLMM model


Gender: Female or Male (Female is the base level)

Male_degree: number of other males that the focal male met

Interaction Gender:Male degree

I want to plot the interaction effect but am not sure how to calculate the predicted probabilities.

I calculated the predicted probabilities of the effect of male degree by:


I then took the mean of these values and plotted it against x.

How would I incorporate the interaction term into this for both Statuses.

Would it be like this:


@jd_c would you possbily know?

This is what the conditional_effects() function in brms is designed for. See the brms manual, as it has great examples of how to plot interactions.

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Could you possibly look at this post: Beta-Binomial Multi-Membership Results Interpretation Issues - Interfaces / brms - The Stan Forums (

It was an addition to this and I been having alot of trouble with this.

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