Please consider 2.26.2 release to address indexing errors causing segfaults

yet another user is reporting that their model is segfaulting.
with index checks, this error would be easy to catch.
without, impossible to debug.

when is the next release? if it’s more than a month out,
please consider a 2.26.2 release to address this problem.


Next release candidate is scheduled for May 18th so ~7 weeks.

Doing 2.26.2 would be really hard at this point as we would have to cherry pick two specific PRs (one in Math and one in stanc3). We cant release the current state of develop as that is 2.27.

Given that this issue has been in Stan since we introduced stanc3 (2.22), which is now about 14 months old and we have seen a few reports just now, I think we can wait for 7 more weeks.

But if others feel otherwise, we can do it. If it would be something we introduced in 2.26, I would say we do it.

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I didn’t realize this had been around since 2.22.
May release is OK.

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Yeah, we tried adding the checks in for 2.24 but removed it as there was a performance issue. In hindsight we should have kept it, but it is what it is.

I guess the fact that I keep seeing them is the “Baader-Meinhof phenomenon” - Frequency illusion - Wikipedia