Pathfinder does not accept multiple inits?

Hi all

I just wanted to know why pathfinder does not accept multiple inits as an argument? I would’ve expected this to be the case since we can set the num_paths variable, thus similar to the sample method’s chains. I tried running this by giving a list of dict’s as inits but a error popped out something along the lines of ‘json file not found’ and when creating a json file for the inits explicitly it says that it does not accept array as input. Any comments on this?

@stevebronder is already working on this, and hopefully multiple inits works soon (+ use of fit objects and posterior draws objects as inits, too)

This is a bug in CmdStanPy. It will be fixed by Add a num_threads helper argument to pathfinder() by WardBrian · Pull Request #741 · stan-dev/cmdstanpy · GitHub

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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