PARSER EXPECTED: ";" Error Solustion

Hi fellows

I am writting my stan code and in one of the line it always give me error as PARSER EXPECTED: “;”

Error message:
[Error in stanc(filename, allow_undefined = TRUE) : failed to parse Stan model ‘Latent_variable_GP’ due to the above error.]

For simplicity of reading i just put the codes that i put in model part

rho ~ normal(0,3);
alpha ~ normal(0,1);
sigma ~ normal(0,1);
eta ~ normal(0,1)
y1 ~ normal(f,sigma); <---------- Error Appear here and highlight is on parameter y1

I already defined all relevant varibles in my code, this is the only error in the stan code. Coudl you kindly advice me on this?

Kindly Regards,

It looks like you need a ; after eta ~ normal(0,1)


oh, thats true. I do appreciate your time