Output from SUCCESSFUL installation by cmdstanr::install_cmdstan on Apple M2

Hello, I thought that some of you may be interested in seeing output from cmdstanr::install_cmdstan() on a fairly new 2022 MacBook Air, Ventura 13.1, M2 CPU (attached as txt file). I know there have been some bumps along the road to accommodating Apple Silicon but I’m by no means an expert on this.

I have not done anything with Rosetta. It is as-supplied out of the box.

There are a load of sprintf() deprecation warnings, which are no big deal for now.

After about half way through the attached file, we get warnings from clang++ about unused linkers, also probably not a problem.

About 95% of the way through, there is an unused varaible warning (‘drained’), then a bunch of warnings starting “cannot export hidden symbol typeinfo …”

Then, — CmdStan v2.31.0 built —
The bernoulli model is translated, compiled and everything looks ok. I run a simple model like bernoulli in cmdstanr and everything works just fine.

I generally use a Linux VM and don’t intend to use this computer for Stan, but I was curious to see what would happen. Looks like any previous trouble has been ironed out. Nice work devs.

cmdstan-installation.txt (131.8 KB)