Nominations for CoC Adjudication Committee 2022

Hi everyone,

As announced last week, nominations for CoC adjudication committee are now open until November 30th. We strongly encourage those who feel strongly about the vibrancy and inclusiveness of the community to nominate themselves for the role. This is an important and impactful way of contributing to the Stan community.

Please respond to this post to nominate yourself. We encourage all nominees to briefly introduce themselves and their experiences with Stan/the Stan community.

Thanks you!


I think this might be a good place for me to stay involved with the Stan community in a less intensive manner after stepping down as the community manager, so I’d like to nominate myself.

I currently work as a researcher at the Institute of the Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences (EU), focusing on bioinformatics and biostatistics. Before that, I did a PhD in AI for computer games which I finished in 2016. After my PhD I started focusing on statistics and am a Stan user since 2017. I became increasingly active on the forums and have been the community manager since autumn 2019, ending my community manager role in the upcoming weeks. I currently primarily work in R. I have occasionally contributed minor code chunks to Stan (mostly to the math library) and the brms package. Beyond research, I also have been involved with the local scout community in various roles, currently focusing on improving what the organization can offer to young adults (I’d like to stress that the Czech scout organization is noticeably different from its US counterpart - in particular, it has always been substantially more inclusive).


Thanks, Martin!

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Hi all,

I’m nominating myself for the CoC adjudication committee. I’m an ecologist and ornithologist, currently a post-doc at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York, USA. I use Stan heavily in my work, and I try to give back to the project as an organizer of StanConnect events (an ecology double-header in fall 2021); as a fairly minor contributor to posterior, cmdstanr, and the Stan docs; and as an active question-answerer here on Discourse.

I’m especially interested in making sure that Stan continues to be welcoming to new users/contributors across all levels of the organization. For me, the Stan community has been a good place not only to get acquainted with Stan, but also to learn more about probability and statistics, and also to learn some basics of writing and maintaining quality software. The community has been very patient with me as I slowly get up to speed, and I’d like to help ensure that others have similar experiences.


@SGB has decided to extend the nomination to Jan 15 along with the SGB nomination and hold the election in the two weeks after that. Thank you @jsocolar for nominating yourself!


Hi everyone, just a quick reminder that we are also still looking for CoC Adjudication Committee members for the upcoming election. Please consider nominating yourself.