New MathematicaStan version (Mathematica interface to CmdStan)

Dear Stan & Mathematica users

I just published a new version of MathematicaStan, a Mathematica interface to CmdStan. This new version now uses Mathematica v11+ (compared to MMA v8 for the old one) and is more user-friendly.

As usual I developed and tested it under Linux.

Before making it more official I would need some feedback from Windows & MacOs users as I only have access to workstations under Linux.

Any comment / suggestion for improvements are welcome.



Installation : MathematicaStan version 2
Windows 10
Mathematica 11
Thanks @vincent-picaud for posting a new version. I tried to install on Windows 10 with Mathematica 11. All went well until I tried to compile and I then got an series of error messages including:
cc1plus.exe: sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you for your interest in MMA Stan interface @benwhite59

I will try to find the solution with you, but the problem is that I only have access to Mathematica under Linux and I am not familiar with Windows.

The StanMathematica package uses the provided cmdStan’s makefile (with the ‘make’ command) to compile the .stan code (I do not invoke directly the c++ compiler).

My first question would be: does it work by using “cmdstan” directly (without Mathematica). Under linux it’s a command like:

make -C /home/picaud/ExternalSoftware/cmdstan /tmp/linear_regression

On my side I will install the lastest cmdstan to check if the package works under linux (I am currently using cmdstan version 2.19.1).

I come back here as soon as I have done this check.
– Vincent

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I just checked the package under Linux and it works with the latest CmdStan (version 2.21.0). I also have confirmation it works under Os X.

Version 1 was ok with Windows but there was a path problem with slash and backslash. For this MMA version 2, I was not able to check that (as I have o access to windows).

To perform “command line” checks under window I guess that the commands are something like:

cd C:\Users\XXX\Documents\R\cmdstan-2.21.0
make C:/Users/XXX/Documents/Temp/your_stan_code.exe

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Thanks Vincent.

I think my problem is that cmdstan is not working on my machine which runs WINDOWS 10.

I followed the instructions in Cmdstan guide 2.2.


Thank you @benwhite59.
I hope that you will be able to solve your cmdstan problem.
After that, if you still try to use MathematicaStan under Windows, I will be glad if you can give me some feedback.