Need Help with Negative Binomial Regression Model please

I’m presently engaged in researching my thesis, focusing on the connection between poor mental well-being and economic progress, specifically examining its impact through the lens of absenteeism. Absenteeism, which indicates the total number of days the respondent was absent from work due to health-related issues in the last 12 months, is my dependent variable.

This is the regression that I built:

ABSENT = β0 + β1Depressed + β2FEMALE + β3AGE + β4Pre-Teriatary + β5Teriatary + β6MARRIED + β7PN0 + β8HHNBPERS13CS17 + β9HINCOME + β10FT_PTCS19 + ԑ

AW2 is the number of absenteeism days in past year.
β0 is the intercept.
Depressed is a poor mental health indicator.
Female is the gender.
AGE is the age group that the respondent falls into.
Pre-tertiary and Tertiary is the level of education.
MARRIED is the marital status.
PN0 is the physical pain suffered by the individual.
HHNBPERS13CS17 is the number of children aged 13 years or less residing in the household.
HINCOME is the household’s total net income per month.
FT_PTCS19 is a dummy variable 1 - Full time; 0 - otherwise.
ԑ is the error term.

My data is cross-sectional and case-based and due to a significant proportion of zero entries (i.e., zero absent days) I have an overdispersion. I am using STATA.

I am new to this and this is my first time using Negative Binomial Regression Model. Is this a good model? Can you provide me with your feedback and suggestions? Also I am not sure how to interpret the results correctly. Below you can find the model. Thank you so much for your help in advance.

It doesn’t look like you’re using Stan (although there is a StataStan interface that you might be interested in). This is a forum for Stan, so if you only need help with Stata I think there are forums dedicated to Stata that could be helpful.