Multivariate ODE

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  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04
  • brms Version: 2.8.8


I went through this post about how to fit a ODE model with brms. However, there is only one variable of interest, y, which is computed based on the three quantities computed in the ODE.

Is there a solution to use brms with more than one quantity of interest? For exemple, by reproducing the Predator-Prey case study? I have an ODE system with 10 variables, and I would love to use brms to make prior predictive checks and predictions.

Thank you!

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Remark : after having coded the ODE system and the function around it (as in the blog post), writing the remaining of the stan code is not the longest part of the job ahah.

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It looks like that blog post has a multivariate ODE system example. At least the system function ode_claimsprocess implied a 3-component ODE.