MPI on Ubuntu

Hey all,

I followed the instructions in the wiki (is this the best wiki for this?) on a clean Ubuntu box and had to do a little more than it said there. The changes I’d note from that wiki are that I also had to install python-dev, libxml2-dev, libxlst-dev, and had to add LDLIBS+=-lpthread to make/local in CmdStan. I believe those further dependencies were only required for Boost, for some reason. python-dev is particularly curious. Tagging @wds15 in case he’s interested.

Can anyone corroborate this and thus justify editing the wiki to include this information?



Yes, that’s right - I probably had those python packages already installed and never noticed that these are needed. It is correct that boost mpi builds automatically it’s python bindings which pulls in these python dependencies. I have never seen an easy way to disable that (we do not use these libraries at all).

I am not sure on the -lpthread thing, but I have seen many people needing this. It probably does not hurt to pick this up as well.


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