Model specification in brms

Hi, I am new to model specificatoin in R/brms and would highly appreciate if someone could review if the my formula reflects my intentions (I guess it is fairly simple just want to make sure):

Data structure
each of m participants are doing n runs with k trials belonging to one of three conditions. Runs are explicetly nested within participants.

I want to estimate the effect of condition on the dependend variable (fyi standardized \beta-values of fMRI BOLD signal) using a hierachical model accounting for the nested data structure. I.e. I want random intercepts for runs nested within participants and random slopes for participants, assuming “fixed” effects for each particpant.

The model I think should be correct (additionally removing the intercept and the correlation):

y ~ 0 + condition + (1 | particpant/runs) + (0 + condition || participant)

Thanks in advance,