Mobile survey exclusion modeling

I would like your assistance and suggestions with a strategically important project.

I work for i2i: a non-profit Data solutions facilitator in Financial Inclusion. Financial Inclusion is about understanding the extent of relevant financial services usage in a country, and particularly amongst vulnerable groups, which tend to make up the bulk of the population in many countries.

i2i advises organisations that produce nationally representative studies to guide Financial Inclusion research for their countries. This typically is the Central Bank of that country. The traditional approach to data collection is face-to-face interviewing. This is time-consuming and expensive. We are trying to establish the usefulness of alternative, cheaper approaches to data collection. The underlying challenge is weighting such samples up to a broader population and filling in the gaps for the excluded.

We have put the attached request for proposal together for this challenge. This is in a Word format document and I am not sure how and where to post it on the forum? Is this something that you have the expertise to propose on? Alternatively, would you be able to put us in contact with appropriate people that have either the sampling, data science or combined skills?

I’m moving this to the publicity category, as it’s not a modeling question.