May have overwritten matrix_exp example

I tried to resolve the merge conflict with the revised
manual (why big changes are so painful for everyone downstream),
but think I may have erased the matrix_exp example. The doc’s
still there, but I seem to have been commenting on a matrix_exp
example in an older commit.

Now I’m not sure what damage I’ve done. When I merged, there
were a gazillion things it thought were new files. I should’ve
waited for adult supervision.

Now the question is how do I check what I’ve messed up and how
would I revert back to the version before my Nov 16 commit.

  • Bob

The example is in the doc? I’ll try to look at it today. We should be able to recover it.

This is blocking me from working on the manual because
I’m afraid of more merge hell downstream. I’d like to
get this cleaned up then branch the manual from the cleaned
version of the matrix_exp pull so there’s no more nasty
merge surprises.

This is what we get for trying to reorganize the manual.

  • Bob

I’m just going to go ahead and update the manual based on
Aki’s updates and hope someone can help me with the merge disaster
it’s likely to create. Please let me finish it and get it merged
then try to merge Charles’s branch on top of the one for the
updated manual so we don’t have to deal with two sweeps of merge


  • Bob