Matlab Stan warning: Stan seems to have exited badly

Hi all, I got the following error while running a Stan file in MATLAB R2016.

Warning: Stan seems to have exited badly.

In StanFit/process_exit_failure (line 290)
In StanFit/process_exit (line 170)
In StanFit>@(src,evnt)process_exit(self,src,evnt)
In processState/set.exitValue (line 30)
In processManager.pollTimerStop (line 508)
In timer/timercb (line 30)
In timercb (line 13)
In StanFit/block (line 365)
In timeserial (line 52)

With the warning, the Stan file can not run continue and stop here.

I got a correct answer when I not use ‘for’ loop. However, as vector length is incremented, I have to use loop code.

Does anybody have any idea for why does Stan exit badly and how can I slove it?

Thanks all of the viewers, I have solved this warning.
There are something wrong in the file.

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Thanks for following up. I don’t think anyone responded because it wasn’t clear what you were asking and it’s still not clear to me what the solution is.

I don’t think MatlabStan should just be exiting with a non-specific message, so if there’s somethign more specific we should be seeing here, you can file an issue on the MatlabStan GitHub repo.

Thank you, Bob. I feel so shame that I can not define problems clearly and that no any note has recorded. Because at that time, I thought it is a piece of cake and everyone can avoid it. I, now, want to repeat the same warning but failed after 2 hours. I can’t redefine the question and also re-give a precisely answer. Sorry for all of the viewers.
Thanks for the Stan Forums, I will be more cherished every opportunity to ask questions.
I wounder if I can delete this question for saving people’s time. Sorry for all.

Please don’t worry about it. We’d rather have people ask questions here and get quick answers than spend hours thrashing on their own.

I should’ve also said that we don’t have many MATLAB users compared to the other interfaces, and the MATLAB interface designer only does it on a volunteer basis in his spare time. So any MATLAB-related question is going to be tough for the board.