Map_rect multithreading in RStan Catalina

Hi all,

So I wrote some code that uses map_rect in RStan prior to OS X Catalina. I had it working fine by setting the DSTAN_THREADS environmental variable in my Makevars file. However, I know that all of this got changed with Catalina. Right now, if I add the += DSTAN_THREADS to my Makevars code won’t compile any more.

Anyone solve this? (PS I can run it just fine in cmdStan but prefer to use RStan where possible.)

It’s += -DSTAN_THREADS … note the - here.

What is your error message.

(you can also use cmdstanr)

Ah yes, I know. So if I add CXX14FLAGS += -DSTAN_THREADS my compilations just crash with missing Eigen files and so on. If I instead add CXXFLAGS += -DSTAN_THREADS (i.e. no 14), then the code will compile but will not run in parallel.

I wonder if this is a combination of R 4.0 and OS X Catalina here. Again, I can run the code fine in CMD Stan. But I prefer to use Rstan and this worked fine before the upgrades.