Mac Monterey on Intel Macs

Like most users I have no idea what I’m doing to get this stuff to work and I’m just cutting and pasting stuff found on the internet. I was able to get this working with the following. Not sure if the gfortran stuff is needed.

Hopefully this helps anyone else.

Notes to get working:

Also did this

Tested cpp in R via

install.packages(c("remotes", "Rcpp", "RcppArmadillo")

Saved this helloworld.cpp

#include <RcppArmadillo.h>   

// [[Rcpp::depends(RcppArmadillo)]]

// [[Rcpp::export]]
void hello_world() {
  Rcpp::Rcout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;  

// After compile, this function will be immediately called using
// the below snippet and results will be sent to the R console.

/*** R

Back in R test


That showed hello_world() so I was good.

Then I followed rstan updated install at


Anecdotally, the Monterey upgrade will break git and also break docker for mac. It’ll prompt you how to fix git the next time you attempt to run a git command in the terminal (fix was probably xcode command line tools install?). For docker for mac, the remedy is to uninstall and reinstall the latest version & perhaps also clear and redo any custom advanced docker configuration.


anyone else here still on Catalina?

Yes. I probably should upgrade now that I finished a project.