Lightmatter CPUs and Stan

Something I was curious about is whether anyone has used a Lightmatter CPU with Stan.

Here’s a link to their page.

They specialize in building computers around Light-based processors that are supposed to rival NVidia performance by close to 10 fold.

I was curious as to what performance is like on those CPUs vs traditional x-86-based CPUs or even Nvidia/AMD GPUs.

I realize this is very niche but it does seem like an interesting CPU architecture for computationally intensive workloads.

Just curious to see if anyone has used these and if so what was performance like.


They are not in the wild yet. This interview suggests they won’t be available until the end of the year.

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Also, it specifically can do only linear algebra (possibly matrix-vector multiply only?), not general-purpose computing.

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Cool, thanks for letting me know @mike-lawrence , I appreciate it. Just found out about this last week, so I’ve been curious as to what these kinds of machines are capable of and when can people actually buy these machines.

They have some really good articles on their stuff on medium.